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Musicians commonly underestimate the importance of a simple set up or a fret dress. They are essential things that every guitarist should have done, which will make guitar playing easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Matt Longfoot at Longfoot Guitar Services is a qualified guitar luthier/technician. With his experience, knowledge and passion for guitars and the music they create, every set-up or repair is undertaken to get the best results from your instrument.

At Longfoot Guitar Services it is our aim to provide every customer the best quality servicing and repairs, as well as the best customer service.

So why not discover your guitars potential and at the same time find yours?

News Longfoot Guitar Services launches new website
14th April 2008

Longfoot Guitar Services is proud to announce the launch of its long awaited website.

Please take the time to look at the website.

If you are a guitar shop that has been in contact with us, please look at our work and consider using us for your repair/servicing work. We offer our weekly pick up service with our own vans to make it easy, efficient and time effective way of outsourcing your service and repair work.

If you are a musician, band or collector then the service package will be of interest to you. This gives you the opportunity to ensure your guitar is serviced and repaired appropriately throughout the year, as well as spreading the cost. For full details download the pdf application form.

Please enjoy this website and feel free to spread the word.

Thank You.

Matt Longfoot

“The LAG is absolutely spot on after a week so huge thanks for the great service and fast turn-around.”